The impact of gentrification on ethnic communities

In March 2021, The Sewell Report found “no evidence of systemic or institutional racism in Britain” and stated that “most of the disparities examined… often do not have their origins in racism.” However, in the same breath, it also found that “ethnic minority Britons are more likely to live in persistent poverty and overcrowded housing”, with 28%Continue reading “The impact of gentrification on ethnic communities”

Mind the gap: why is there a lack of female homeowners?

This post explains the reason why there is a lack of female homeowners in England and provides some ways to improve this situation. This post will be particularly helpful for those wanting to learn more about ‘Shared Ownership’ and ‘Help-to-Buy mortgages’. There is a housing affordability gap in England. Put simply, there is a shortageContinue reading “Mind the gap: why is there a lack of female homeowners?”

Extension of the Eviction ban: protection or purgatory for renters?

This post discusses the Government’s new announcement of an extended eviction ban and discusses the impact this is having on renters who are accruing rent arrears. What is the eviction ban? The government currently has a ban in place which prevents any eviction by bailiffs to take place against private renters until 31st March 2021.Continue reading “Extension of the Eviction ban: protection or purgatory for renters?”