Why more ladies need to invest and how to start!

I am in no way a financial advisor and therefore nothing I say should be taken or relied upon as financial advice. Instead speak to the experts which I’ve mentioned below. Please see glossary at the end for any highlighted terms. How to get started with investing? As mentioned, I am in no way aContinue reading “Why more ladies need to invest and how to start!”

Part 2: Tenants Behaving Badly

Tenants behaving badly The worst examples of tenants breaching their obligations (and behaving badly) are as follows: 1. Rent Arrears 2. Illegal Subletting 3. Anti-social behaviour & Damage *Disclaimer: independent legal advice is encouraged if pursuing any of these claims as a landlord. Although, less documented than landlords’ failings, there are plenty of examples ofContinue reading “Part 2: Tenants Behaving Badly”

Mind the gap: why is there a lack of female homeowners?

This post explains the reason why there is a lack of female homeowners in England and provides some ways to improve this situation. This post will be particularly helpful for those wanting to learn more about ‘Shared Ownership’ and ‘Help-to-Buy mortgages’. There is a housing affordability gap in England. Put simply, there is a shortageContinue reading “Mind the gap: why is there a lack of female homeowners?”

Sex for rent: how to put an end to this growing crisis…

This post discussing the growing crisis of ‘sex for rent’ cases, especially since Covid-19, where rogue landlords offer free rent for sexual services. I examine the current law and whether reform is necessary Last month, a landlord was charged for the first ever ‘sex-for-rent’ case in the UK. Christopher Cox, aged 52, was accused ofContinue reading “Sex for rent: how to put an end to this growing crisis…”