How to resolve your property repair issues?

Repairs to properties are both an eventuality and a royal nuisance. However, the effects of repair work, including who is responsible and the costs associated differ depending on the type of ownership. Tenants of an AST, leaseholders and homeowners are all subject to potential repairs and this article identifies the obligations of each, providing someContinue reading “How to resolve your property repair issues?”

‘Can you manage?’ Discussing leaseholders’ right to manage their properties

This post discusses what Leasehold and Commonhold ownership is and explains who has the right to manage properties. This is a must-read for anyone who currently owns or is considering purchasing a leasehold flat and wants to know more about how it can be managed. When purchasing a flat, it is rarely ever owned outrightContinue reading “‘Can you manage?’ Discussing leaseholders’ right to manage their properties”