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Lady of the Land: Who? what and why?

I am an incoming pupil starting a Property and Commercial pupillage in October 2021. Throughout my legal academia I have had a keen interest in property law enjoying the technical intricacies of the legal principles and approaching case law much like a puzzle that needed to be solved. However, simultaneously, I also found the subject to be unnecessarily aloof and complicated, presented as dry and exclusive to a particular class. This has always seemed strange to me, as fundamentally rules governing property is reliant on relationships, be it one harassing neighbour to another, landlord to tenant or the mystical concept of equity to the concept of formalism. It all interlinks.

What is this blog about?

This blog discusses current cases and news on property, housing and land law. I wanted to create a breathing place for a different more feminine perspectives on these areas of law.

I find the stories passed down through the legacy of land law rarely, if ever, reflect me. Not as a woman and not as a person of colour. It consistently seems as though property law is a domain dominated by men, either through the parties in leading property cases, the lecturers teaching us or the advocates representing us in court (the Property Bar is still only comprised of 30% female barristers (Consel Magazine, Jan 2021).

I created this blog to reflect on these issues through a ’female gaze’ at times noticing the disproportionate affects these issues have on women and other marginalised groups and at times just looking at key ‘seminal’ cases and changes to law through a different point of view.

This blog has 3 aims:

  1. To simplify key concepts of land law in an easily digestible manner – put in the context of real life examples;
  2. To focus on property stories and cases which may have a different effect on women and other marginalised groups;
  3. To ponder on ways the legal framework in the field of property and land law could be improved

Suggestions for posts are always welcomed – please get in touch via the contact page.


The purpose of this blog is to provide general information and discussion only. Nothing contained in any of the posts, comments or replies is intended to be, or should it be relied on as legal advice on any general or specific legal matter. All work is my own and not affiliated with any company.

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